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Kimberly Dyan Moore

About Me

Welcome to my e-portfolio. My name is Kimberly Dyan Moore, and I am a Victim Studies Major at SHSU. My expected graduation date is December 2022.

My BS degree in Victim Studies will be my second bachelor's degree. My first one is in elementary education. I was a public-school teacher for 16 years. I started teaching PK and left my career teaching 11th grade English. I wanted to make more of an impact on the world, so I decided to leave teaching and pursue a degree that aligned with my passions. To learn more about these passions and the background that brought me to this spot, click "my story" on the menu above.

Upon graduation (December 2022!!), I plan to look for PhD programs in Social Policy. I'm interested in writing policies for survivors of sexual assault. I am currently researching schools on the East Coast.


I live in Huntsville, Texas, with my significant other, my 20-year-old son, and two teenage stepchildren. We have a dog, Miriam, who is my favorite family member. My father-in-law recently moved into our home, so we have a full house.

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