Image by Octavian Dan



This is the front side of the infographic I created for class. The title of this side is, "What is consent?". I created this infographic because I saw a need for this information to be shared with SHSU students when I presented at the Diversity Conference. 

I am proud of how my infographic turned out. I used SHSU colors (and set colors they have for online use). I think it is pleasing to the eyes, not too cluttered, and has just the right amount of information.  What makes me most proud is that this is something that could actually be used and passed out to college students in Texas. 

To create this infographic, I wanted to give actual definitions according to state law. I looked up the penal code to see how consent is defined in Texas. There were 12 definitions. I chose five related to college students. I also learned about creating an infographic in general. I had to learn the correct balance of text and pictures. This infographic relates to course content because consent is important in all relationships, and it is important for those in intimate partner relationships to know how it is defined and to understand the importance of obtaining consent.

This is a graphic I created using Canva during the Child Abuse chapter. It shows the five types of abuse that can happen to children. For this graphic, I tried to include an image with each definition. 

I like how this image came out. I remember spending a lot of time trying different things. I wanted it to be simple and provide a lot of information at the same time. My purpose was to educate on the basics because people usually recognize physical abuse and extreme neglect but not the others. At this stage, I was still learning to balance words with pictures. I am proud of myself for coming up with a graphic that I believe could be used online to educate about the different definitions. I also teach about child abuse in a couple of the courses I teach, so I thought this turned out well and I could use on my Black Board.

I mostly learned about creating the graphic without too much text and how to manipulate the information, so it looked appealing. I was already familiar with these definitions, but having to find a piece of clip art to go with them was a challenge. It would be easy to find a photograph/picture, but I just wanted a positive image. This graphic relates to this class because child abuse is a major topic under Family Violence. We spent two class modules talking about child abuse. Understanding what child abuse is (all definitions) and how to recognize it is very important. 

Neglect PSA.png
IPV Help Graphic for Class.png

This is a graphic I created in Module 6. I was very new to creating mini-graphics. The assignment was to show where survivors of IPV could get help. I chose to talk about SAAFE House. I'm currently serving as president of the Board of Directors, and the agency is very important to me.

I chose to put this item in because it was the first one I made. I used way too much text, and the format looks all awkward. I am very proud of the first educational graphic I made because it was the first. I just did it. I learned from the experience. 

Again, I learned about placing text on the graphic and trying to fit a lot there. I wanted to tell as much about SAAFE House as I could. I was already familiar with SAAFE House and their services, so it was not new information. This item relates to Family Violence because it supports survivors and educates them.