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Bad News

I'm hiding from my mom. She gave me some sad news. She said I can't go with her to the place called Boston. I have to stay home with my human dad, my Alex, and Grandpa. They aren't too bad, but they aren't my dog mom. She treats me like the princess I am, and the boys in the house don't understand what it means to be a princess. Wish me luck...

I finally came out of hiding and spent some quality time with my dog mom. When she tried to pack or do any kind of work, I cuddled on her lap. When I do that, she knows not to move and disturb me.

We got some cuddles in right before she left. I don't know how far this Boston place is, but she had a lot of stuff with her.

Before my dog mom left, she put the pillowcase she had been sleeping on in the living room for me. It smells like her. I have laid on it a few times, and my human dad is going to put it in the bedroom when he gets back home, so I can have my dog mom close. She said she'll be back in something called September.

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