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It Really Takes a Village

Today, Labor Day, I finished my classroom. Well, it's not as finished as I would like it, but it is finished enough for Meet the Teacher and the First Day of School. The rest can be finished later. I just need to get this week started. I have a lot of books to read to my students and activities to do; this is all that is important.

I wanted to take time to express gratitude to everyone who purchased off my wish list or got me a gift card. The generosity and support of everyone means the world to me. As I put things away, I thought about the person who sent it and felt grateful. It's difficult to even put in words what it means to me to receive all the great gifts for my classroom.

Also, I have appreciated all the FB comments and messages from people supporting me. The ones that mean the most to me are from my former high school students. The impact I had on those students (even some I didn't teach) fills my heart. That's why teachers teach (a lot of them), and most teachers never know their impact. I have the privilege of having relationships that continued after graduation. Their support and the fact that they are cheering me on makes me smile big.

A lot of love went into my classroom (blog reveal coming soon--I promise), but it wasn't just the love I carry for teaching and my future students. It's the love of all the people who support me and care about me. Each one of them is in that classroom and knowing that makes me even more excited to be there every day.

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