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It's Funny How Life Is...

I started off 2023 before 2023 even started. I attended Steph Crowder's Year on the Wall, and I planned out my whole first quarter. I also planned all the content for January. All this while recovering from the Covid Kevin brought home. I was ready to hit my goals and my business hard. I was going to serve lots of clients and add lots of value online with my posts. My name and what I did was already being recognized. People were watching my videos and reaching out to me.

Then the unexpected happened. Well, not really super unexpected. I just didn't believe in myself. In December, I applied for an internship with RAINN (the Rape Abuse Incest National Network) on their Policy Team. I didn't expect to be called because I had no policy experience and I had already graduated (the posting said you had to be a student). So, I was super surprised when I got an email to interview. I was even more surprised when I got an email offering me the internship. I really should believe in myself more.

So, I had to pivot (I hate that word). I dropped all business promotion and content. I couldn't do both well; I had to choose one. It was difficult because so much work had already gone into my content and my business. I knew I could take on a client or two, but I could not spend time posting (or even scheduling content) like I had planned.

I'll admit; it was a difficult adjustment for me to wrap my brain around. I loved the internship; I loved what I was learning and getting to do, but I felt like I had abandoned something I had grown and nurtured.

The semester (I still live on semesters) was jam packed of policy work, volunteer work locally, teaching at the university, and wedding planning. I started to look for jobs in April knowing I needed to return to work full time. There are no opportunities locally (other than the school district and TDCJ); Kevin had his job search open nationwide, so I did the same. I started applying to various places in different states: CT, VT, MA, NY, CA. Out of all the jobs I applied for, I only applied for one school. It was totally aligned with what I believe about teaching and learning, and I felt it would be a good fit.

So, here I am. I leave in a couple of months to move to the Boston area to teach 3rd grade. I could not have predicted this in January or even a year ago. I've let go of the fact I had other plans for this year. I had to for my sanity. I'll be closing my business because I can only focus on one thing and do it well. Life has a funny way of taking you down a path and sometimes you just must give into it. The Universe has a funny way of taking care of you.

Follow along on my adventures in Boston. Miriam has a section of the Blog too. Buckle up; it's going to be a wild ride!

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