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Life is Ruff without my Dog Mom

My dad human got home last night---finally. I let him know how unpleased I was with him for leaving me with just my Alex and Grandpa for over a week. I also didn't know where my dog mom was. I kept making me go outside so I could look for her. I couldn't find her.

Things are different on day one without my dog mom. I'm a hot mess express like always. My dad human told my dog mom he would give me a bath; I'm glad he didn't, but my hair is really crazy. My dog mom told him on the phone how to brush me, but he ignored her. Don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone to brush me, but look at this!

This afternoon, my human dad went to Pet-Co without me. He knows it's my favorite store, but he took my Grandpa instead of me. When he came home, he dressed me up in a jean jacket. He was so proud that he got it on sale because my dog mom gets great deals all the time. BUT, he forgot it is 100 degrees here. He keeps saying how great the weather was in that Boston place where he left my dog mom, but he must think the weather here is the same because who would wear a jean jacket in this weather.

I don't think he could tell from my face how displeased I am with this jean jacket. It's cute and all, but I only like to wear clothes when it is cold outside. Otherwise, I am a naked dog.

My dad human said my dog mom will be here in September; I don't know what that means, but I hope it's soon. Human dad doesn't know when I'm supposed to wear clothes or how to make my hair less messy. Send help!

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