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Miriam FAQ

Everyone has so many questions about Miriam, so she wants to give answers to the most asked questions here.

What kind of dog is Miriam?

In simple terms, I am a very special dog. There are no other dogs like me and there is no dog as great as me. My sister looks like me, but her personality doesn't match mine.

My mom's humans thought my mom was a Maltese mix. They knew my dad was a Chihuahua because mom got out one day and had a date with the dog down the street--whatever that means.

My dad human (the fiancé to Kimberly, my dog mom) decided to pay for my DNA through Embark. My dog mom says he spends his money on silly things. All I know is he put this thing in my mouth and kept moving it around. He would not let me eat it, but I tried very hard to do so.

Some people think this isn't factual, but we see these traits in her. What are your thoughts on her DNA?

How old is Miriam?

I am almost 5 years old. I was born November 21, 2018. I moved in with my current humans on January 21, 2019.

What does Miriam like to do?

I can't pick my favorite thing to do. Most days I take long naps, sit on the back porch and watch the birds and squirrels (if my crazy humans will open the porch door), and play with my toys. I love toys that are the same size as me or bigger.

My favorite thing is to go places with my Dog Mom. She takes me to PetCo, SAAFE House (where she volunteers), and many other places around town. I have been to Homecoming parades, the city's 4th of July Event, (we left early; I found out I hate fireworks), and whatever stores my mom can get me in to.

When we don't go on car rides, I help in the yard to cure my boredom. I pick up sticks, rocks, and dirt and bring them inside. My humans don't always appreciate this which I find RUDE.

What annoys Miriam?

Sometimes I'm annoyed by humans. I'll be laying there, taking a nap and they will talk or move and disturb my slumber. When the diva dog is sleeping, the house should be silent. They haven't learned that after 4 years, so I'm not sure if they ever will.

I also can't stand the 500 pictures my Dog Mom takes of me every day. Like, c'mon. How many pictures of me sleeping do you need? How many selfies? Sometimes I show her my displeasure in the photos, or I turn my head in the last few minutes so she can't capture more than a blur.

What is Miriam Looking Forward to in Boston?

I don't know what Boston is, but I hope there is a lot for me to do outside. Yard work cures my boredom. I also want squirrels and birds to watch. Maybe a cat to chase.

We had a snow storm a few years ago that my humans said almost killed us. It was cold. My little paws got numb, but you won't catch me in those boots for dogs. No way! Those will clash with my collar. Plus, I won't let my humans put them on my feet. I think it will be fun to play in the show again.

Finally, does Miriam have a Job?

I'm not sure what a job is. My Dog Mom is always telling me to get a job. She said I like expensive things. I can't help it if I have a sensitive stomach and need special food. I also can't help it if I ran up huge medical bills when I was younger. Those doctors never figured out what was wrong with me.

My Dog Mom made me help sell blenders once. It was an okay job. She paid me with homemade peanut butter.

I tried being a bird catcher, but my Dog Mom was freaked out by that. I thought she would be excited. She told me I had "bird breath" and to stay away from her. She's moody sometimes.

I was hoping to get a role as a bee in a music video or on SNL, but both those parts have been taken. They missed out on major talent. Right now, I will continue to take naps, play with my toys, and go on adventures with my Dog Mom.

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