Pre-Course Reflection

Updated: Jan 17

VCST 4383 Reflection #1

Upon reading through the syllabus and Dr. Boppre's teaching style, how are you feeling about this class?

I actually got excited about the course after looking through everything. I was not excited because it's an online class, and I didn't have an option for another face-to-face for my schedule. I tried really hard to find a fourth face-to-face option from the classes left on my degree plan. After seeing the class site, and learning more about Dr. Boppre, I started to feel better about this class. I feel like Dr. Boppre showed us that she wants to reach all her students and make sure we get to interact and learn during this class.

What are you most excited for? What are you nervous about?

I'm most excited about making the infographic and putting together the portfolio. I love infographics, but I have never had a chance to put one together. Since I come from an education background, portfolios are a fantastic way to showcase your work, and show what you have learned. I'm near the end of my degree, so I want to put together all the pieces I'm proud of to highlight my work for potential employers or doctoral programs.

I'm nervous that this in an online class versus a face-to-face class. I do not feel l learned much from the last online class I took. I gain a lot of value from discussing what I'm learning in class with the professor and my peers. It helps me process my new learning and connect to old learning.

Beyond the learning objectives I set for the course, list 2-3 goals you have for yourself in taking this course.
  1. From my understanding of the different types of family violence, I will be able to discuss different ideas for family violence prevention.

  2. From meeting the objectives of this course, I will be able to educate others about the basics of family violence.

What have your prior courses taught you about victimization among families?

Between my coursework at SHSU, my life experience, SVU, and my work with SAAFE House, I've learned a lot about family violence. I cannot remember where the different information comes from, so I am going to share the top 5 things I know about family violence and victimization.

  • It takes a woman several times of leaving her abuser to actually leave. She'll usually leave and return several times before she decides to leave for good.

  • Victimization in families is usually learned. Abusers are repeating patterns they experienced or witnessed as children. Victims of abuse also usually come from abusive homes and do not know anything different. It is all a cycle.

  • For a long time, law enforcement did not get involved in domestic disputes/domestic violence. These incidents were seen as matters between a husband and wife. It took a long time for there to be laws against spousal abuse and marital rape.

  • Domestic Violence calls are the most dangerous for law enforcement to go out on.

  • It is not unusual when there is child abuse in the home for one or two children to be scapegoated and abused while the other children in the home suffer no abuse.

Why did you sign up for this course?

I'm a Victim Studies major. On my degree plan, I am required to take 2 Victim Specific courses. There are four choices: Child Abuse and Neglect, Again Crime, and Victimization, Violence Against Women, and Family Violence. With my background in education and my role as adjunct faculty, I teach about child abuse and neglect. Teachers are mandatory reporters, so I talk to my students about reporting child abuse, signs, etc. My ex-husband words for CPS, and I feel know so much (not everything, but I know a lot) that I could teach this course. I also no longer have an interest in working with children. I also do not have an interest in working with the elderly.

My interests lie in educating the masses to help prevent violence against women. My major focus and life goal is to eradicate sexual assaults on college campuses (I'm an idealist; I just want to find programs that work with prevention and make sure victims are taken care of). So, the two classes from my degree plan I want to take are this one and Violence about Women. Understanding family violence helps us understand the dynamics individuals take with them when they are outside their family unit. I was disappointed to learn I will not be able to take Violence Against Women.

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