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Ramblings from Boston

Happy Wednesday! I've lived here a week and a half. As you know, getting here was crazy, but I got all settled in. I haven't forgotten about the apartment reveal, I'll write that one and share lots of pictures soon.

Kevin left a week ago. I've been on my own since then. I'm out of practice being the strong, independent woman I used to be. Although I was ready for a break because we'd been together 24/7 for over a week (and I need my space), things got lonely fast.

I miss my dog. I know, you want to know why I'm not missing Alex and Kevin more. I miss them a lot, but Miriam was there for me when everyone else had other things to do. We got her right before I started working from home and working part-time for the college. She was my coworker and companion. She got me through the pandemic. I felt less lonely with her because I could talk to her and snuggle with her.

I've ventured out some, but not much. I thought I would have been spending last week and all this week working in my classroom, but they hadn't waxed the floors yet, so other than a couple of hours when Kevin was here and a couple of hours yesterday, I haven't had that as a distraction.

I've watched a lot of TV. Not even good TV. I've been watching Lifetime. First, old Dance Moms episodes, then I saw Flowers in the Attic: The Origin, so I watched that. Then I had to watch all 4 movies.

I'm working on classroom things from home as I can. I've gone to a few stores, but my anxiety is high, and I've had a tough time pushing myself out there. I did meet a new friend online when I was searching for an apartment, and she invited me to dinner.

This part is harder than I thought it would be. I'm ready for work to start next week mostly so I can be distracted, but I also want to meet people and get my classroom ready. Speaking of work, some days, sitting all alone in my apartment, I doubt my ability to do this job. Then other days, I feel ready to take on the world and shine in this job.

Change is hard! I used to tell my high school students, "Nothing worth having is easy." I believe in my heart this move was right for me and will be good for my family when they get here, but this part, this "beginning" part; it kinda sucks.

Stay tuned for a bedroom reveal, a classroom reveal, and hopefully some upbeat news from Boston.

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